Minimarket, 7 and 8 september 2019.
 “Östgötadagarna”, (Days of the region “Östergötland”) the first weekend in Sep, is an important tradition for highlighting the Östergötland countryside. This weekend you can visit a variety of companies and associations that showcase their activities and products.
In September 2019, the 7/9 and 8/9 the mini market will return, with both new and many of last year’s producers. New for the year will be that we will be seeing veteran tractors in work. Just on Saturday.
The local choir “Dalskören” will sing on sunday 8/9, at 2 o´clock.

Below you can se what happened last year:
Minimarket, 1 and 2 Sep 2018.
Villa Vik invited food producers, craftsmen and others who live and work in our vicinity and arranged for a minimarket here in our garden.
Here you could buy locally made goods from producers from the county. There was everything from crafts in various materials, music, to seasonal vegetables, honey smoked meat, etc. Natural var our store also available.
We also opened a temporary café at our place, with the serving of:

VILLA VIK Apple Cake which was named the ÖSTGÖTADAGARS pastry of the year 2018